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5 ways of saying you have a good relationship with someone ( 5 maneiras de dizer que você se da bem com alguém)

Hi everyone!
It’s been a while since I wrote my last post. I’ve worked and studied a lot recently, so I haven’t had a lot of time to post new tips, but it’s about to change. I hope to go back to my routine soon.
Well, today’s tip is about relationship, but don’t worry I’m not going to give you any relationship advice. The tip is actually about what words to use when you have a good relationship with someone.
We all have a few people who we really like to be around, because they make us feel good, they understand us, or because we feel comfortable with them.Thinking about these people, I’ve gathered 5 good ways of saying that you have a good relationship with someone.So, here we go:
1. Hit it off: to be friendly with each other immediately
2. Get along: to have a good relationship or deal successfully with a situation
  • Karen and Dianne don’t get along. (Karen and Dianne não se dão bem).
  • Richard and his sister really get along. (Richard e sua irmã realmente se dão bem).
  • I get along well with most of my colleagues. (Eu me dou bem com a maioria doGet alongs meus colegas).

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3. Get on: to establish a friendly relationship
  • We’re getting on much better now that we don’t live together. (Estamos nos dando muito melhor agora que nós não moramos juntos).
  • He doesn’t get on with his daughter. (Ele não se da bem com sua filha).
  • She seems to get on with everybody. (Ela parece se dar bem com todo mundo).
  • think you two would get on well. (Eu acho que vocês dois se dariam muito bem).
4. Click: to become friendly or be successful
  • Liz and I really clicked the first time we met. (Liz e eu realmente nos demos bem desde a primeira vez que nos encontramos).
  • He’s never clicked with his students. (Ele nunca se deu bem com seus alunos).
  • We met at a party and clicked immediately. (Nós nos conhecemos em uma festa e nos demos bem na hora).

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5. Bond: to develop a close and lasting relationship
  • The puppy and his master bonded quickly. (O filhote de cachorro e seu mestre se deram bem rapidamente).
  • The two new recruits seemedMom and baby bonding to bond. (Os dois novos recrutas parecem ter se dado bem).
  • The team has bonded together well. (O time se deu bem junto).
  • He never felt like he bonded with any of the other students. (Ele nunca sentiu que ele se dava bem com qualquer um dos outros alunos).
This was today’s post. I hope you start using this vocabulary from now on.
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