10 ways of saying STOP in English (10 maneiras de dizer STOP em inglês)

Hi Everyone!Maneiras de dizer STOP

How are you today?  It’s a new week, and therefore time for a new post. Today’s post is about synonyms.

As we all know, English can be a confusing language sometimes. One of the reasons is because there are many ways of saying the same thing. Today, I’ll try to make it a little less confusing by showing you 10 different ways of saying STOP in English.

Here we go…

1. To stand still: remain in place; hold still; remain fixed or immobile

  • After all, life does not stand still and new challenges will certainly arise. (Afinal de contas, a vida não para e certamente que irão surgir novos desafios).
  • To stand still is to move backwards. (Ficar parado é andar para trás).

2. Abandon : to stop doing an activity before you have finished it

  • They had to abandon their attempt to climb the mountain. (Eles tiveram que abandonar sua tentativa de escalar a montanha).
  • The project was impossible to be completed, so we decided to abandon it. (O projeto era impossível de ser concluído , por isso decidimos abandoná-lo).

3.  To put something to rest: to put an end to a rumor; to finish dealing with something and forget about it

  • I’ve heard enough about Ann and her illness. I’d like to put the whole matter to rest. (Já ouvi o suficiente sobre Ann e sua doença. Eu gostaria de encerrar esse assunto).
  • Let’s try to put this question to rest once and for all. (Vamos tentar encerrar esta questão de uma vez por todas).

4. To pause: to stop moving or stop what you are doing for a short time before starting again

5. Cease: to stop something

  • We hope the protests will cease soon. (Esperamos que os protestos cessem em breve).
  • The company has decided to cease all UK operations after this year. (A empresa decidiu cessar todas as operações no Reino Unido depois deste ano).

6. End : To bring to a conclusion

  • Let’s end this discussion. (Vamos acabar com essa discussão).
  • You really have to end this. (Você realmente tem que acabar com isso).

7. Discontinue: to stop doing or providing something

  • The bank is discontinuing this service. (O banco está descontinuando esse serviço).
  • First the dose was reduced, then treatment was discontinued. (Em primeiro lugar , a dose foi reduzida , em seguida, o tratamento foi interrompido).

8. To come to an end: to finishquitter-by-jen-collins-hellojenuine

  • Everyone wishes the war would come to an end soon. (Todo mundo gostaria a guerra chegasse a um fim logo).
  • I was pretty happy that all those problems finally came to an end. (Estou muito feliz que todos esses problemas , finalmente chegaram a um fim).

9. Quit: to stop doing something or leave a job or a place

  • She quit what she was doing to help me paint the house. (Ela parou o que estava fazendo para me ajudar a pintar a casa).
  • They encourage younger people to quit smoking(Eles incentivam as pessoas mais jovens a parar de fumar)

10. To break off: to suddenly stop speaking or doing something

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Thank you!

See you soon!

Teacher Will


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